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What is an Energy Treatment?

In a treatment context, energy work is often referred to as 'healing'. I also use the terms 'clearing' and 're-balancing'. Essentially, it is healing through the release of energetic blockages that are held within the body, in response to physical and emotional experiences.

It is natural for us to shift between different emotional (energetic) states, for our emotions to flow and fluctuate. These states are indicators of how we are responding to our environment. For example, our response to a particular thought or experience can trigger a reaction in the body that can then affect bodily processes such as the regulation of the nervous system, heart rate, digestion, muscular (and the surrounding tissues) response, lymphatic (immunity) and endocrine (hormonal) response. These changes can lead to problematic symptoms such as stress, inflammation, pain, mood swings, disturbed sleep, etc. Problems occur when the balance is disturbed and the flow gets interrupted. 

There are many frequencies that can be accessed and channelled during energy treatments. I work with a variety, depending on what I sense will be of most benefit. One of the frequencies most commonly referred to in energy work is 'Reiki'. This is an extremely high vibrational frequency, which is why it is so effective in supporting healing. The Japanese term ‘Reiki’ (pronounced, ray-kee) translates as ‘universal life force’. Channelling this frequency was developed as a practice in the 1920’s by Mikao Usui.

Whichever frequencies I tune into and channel, my intention will always be for the greatest good of the recipient - for them to receive what they need in order to restore balance. It is a process of energetic detoxification and nourishment, all in one!

What does an energy treatment 'feel' like and what happens during the session?

The experience of a treatment is different for everyone. Some find it deeply relaxing, others may notice physical and/or emotional responses as blockages are released and balance is restored. Some people also receive moments of clarity during/soon after a treatment.

Your session begins with a brief discussion and an opportunity to ask questions. You are fully clothed and treatments can be performed with the recipient seated, lying down, or sometimes (depending on the circumstances) I find it effective to work whilst the recipient is in movement as this can further support the energetic flow.

Treatments may involve me placing my hands either a few inches away from you or gently on you (with permission). Sometimes, I may step away at a distance to work with your energetic field. You are welcome to communicate and ask questions throughout, should you wish to. We end with another discussion to check in with how you are feeling and communicate anything that came up during the session. You will then be given advice as to how to follow up the treatment in order to receive the greatest benefit.

Why receive a treatment?

There are many reasons why people choose to receive energy treatments. Some have regular sessions to prevent the build-up of energetic blockages and maintain balance, whereas, others may be led by a particular symptom that they wish to address (emotional state, physical symptom). This will all be discussed prior to and during your session.

The Benefits

Stress/anxiety reduction

Improved sleep patterns/reduction in fatigue

Pain relief

Improvement in chronic physical conditions

Balanced emotional state

Revitalised energy levels

Improved immunity

Mental Clarity

Overall sense of peace and wellbeing

For more information, please feel free to contact me.

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